Admission Process

Kindly visit the Contact Us Page on our website. Fill out the form and where you have subject, kindly fill it with “inquiry with the desired class you want to know about”, make sure to fill your email and other necessary details.

We would gladly get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for choosing to School with us. See you in the next phase of the process.

Enrollment Process

Kindly note that once you have been given a Letter of Provisional Admission to our school, the process has started. Kindly meet with the School’s Administrator for further instructions as to duly complete the process.

Note: You might be needed to provide some vital documents.

Thank you for Choosing Splendid Steps School.

Cost and Subsidiaries

Kindly note that this is the final stage of the Admission Process. Kindly meet the School’s Bursar to make payment or you could make a transfer to the school account for convenience sake.

Thank you for being a part of us.

Welcome to Splendid Steps School